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Further Infos about TweakerRay / Short Bio:

TweakerRay (picture by www.fotonixe.de) Job: Producer
Remix artist


TweakerRay is a producer / musician / Remix artist.
In 1999 he formed his first own produced musicproject [ Spite ] together with his friend [ H. GUNAWAN ].
Download the complete album [ Virus ] by SPITE for FREE.

TweakerRay produced several [ REMIXES ] for contests and also official releases for artists like:
[ Gary Numan ] [ Celldweller ] [ Blue Stahli ], [ KiEw ], [ HTDA ],[ Yoav ] and many more.
ReMixing became more than just exchanging some beats of the original song.
For TweakerRay remixing is a complete rearrangement and new interpretation of a song:
Using mostly only the original vocals and rebuilding a track completly from scratch.

Gary Numan about TweakerRay's 1st place winning remix: 'Piano break in the middle is fantastic, love that. Then it just builds, bigger second verse and a monster final chorus. This mix has such a great feel and the extra parts work perfectly. Very impressive.'
(Read the Full article about the [ winning remix by TweakerRay ] at Artrocker Magazin.)

This new interpretation and ReMixart by TweakerRay made him quite famous at ReMix-portals such as
the official Nine Inch Nails Remix-page: [ remix.nin.com ] and also at Celldweller's ReMix-portal fixtremix.com.
Here is a interview about TweakerRay's [ first place winning Remix ] of Celldweller's
The Best It's Gonna Get (TweakerRay Dream ReMix).

His own first EP [ The Collector Chapter 01 ] can be purchased at the [ Bandcamp ]
The new full album [ The Collector Chapter 02 ] is available as limited edition CD and can be purchased [ here ].
Or get the MP3 version [ here ] or at check the [ Store ].

Check the [ MUSIC ] - Section for some free songs, coverversions
and other music composed and produced by TweakerRay.

If you are interested into technical things, then you can take a look at TweakerRay's [ EQUIPMENT ].

TweakerRay Studio 2014

Visit the [ DISCOGRAPHY ] to get more infos about all official releases.

TweakerRay also composed the music and produced the whole album [ Future Noir ]
of Hanin Elias (Ex-Atari Teenage Riot Singer). Here is a small [ Interview ] with TweakerRay about the
work together with Hanin Elias. Please take also a look at the [ Reviews ] of the album 'FUTURE NOIR'.

If you want to hire TweakerRay to remix your track, get in [ CONTACT ].

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