Makin of 'Future Noir' - Hanin Elias keeps ripping off artists. I am one of them...

It's been some time now, since I produced and composed the album Future Noir. I met Hanin Elias at a concert in Hamburg, where I gave her a CD of my music. I asked her then, that I would like to do a remix for her.
She said that it would be complicated to do a remix, because she had problems with her former producer (C.H.I.F.F.R.E.), who produced most of the Tracks for her album 'No Games No Fun'. Hanin Elias asked me if I would like to do a track for her new album. As a big fan of ATR in that time I agreed instantly.
In that time I was far away from beeing a cold business professional.
I was very naive to think that 'trust' would be the only thing to be treated fairly between musicians.
I believed that I would get a fair contract. I write this now, so that other musicians would not get into the same situation.

I started to compose 'Untouchable'.
Here is a demoversion of the instrumental, so you can hear what I did without the voice of Hanin Elias:

Untouchable (Instrumental).mp3

On the version which you hear on 'Future Noir' I am also singing the backingvocals.
Here is also the unplugged version which i also produced: Untouchable unplugged (Instrumental).mp3

After that Hanin Elias asked to sing over a song from my band SPITE (www.spite.info). I produced this song in 2000.
Here is the instrumental: Extreme V4 - (Instrumental) by SPITE.mp3 (More Infos: here.)

My brother made also a video for this song (War Extreme V4) - all for free -
She didn't even care to play that video at the releaseparty.

I worked hard on the complete album and produced 13 tracks in 6 months besides my regular job
with my equipment in that time:

- pc (2.4 Ghz Pentium 4) with logic audio 4.8
- Korg M1
- Roland VS-1680 HD-Recorder
- Overland Guitar.
- Native Instruments Kontakt 1 & much Freeware VST-Synths

Every instrument you hear on 'Future Noir' (except some additional drums by Bertil Mark, and a guitar-Track from Thurston Moore) were composed, recorded and produced by myself.

To better understand what I played and composed you can now listen to the track with the guitartrack
of Thurston Moore: In Your Room (Instrumental) (with Guitar by Thurston Moore).mp3

And this is what I composed without the guitar: In Your Room (Instrumental) (Just TweakerRay).mp3

I even directed Hanin Elias to sing different on the songs, because I thought that she could try something else than just her famous ATR "Screaming" - Style. Hanin later even claimed to have composed 50% of the music, because she did the vocals over my instrumentals.

Here is another instrumental which i composed: City Lights (Instrumental).mp3

This is the titletrack 'Future Noir' - You hear the typical stutteredits on the drums (which I also used on the song 'Untouchable'). I played the guitar and all synths are programmed by myself.

Future Noir (Instrumental).mp3

After I had done 13 Tracks, Hanin Elias gave a contract to me.
She told me to sign it or we can't make a record together.
And I already had composed, recorded, mixed and produced 13 Tracks with her vocals. So I signed that contract,
because all the work would have been for nothing...if I would not have signed this contract...
With this contract, Hanin Elias claimed all the rights of my music.
Later I helped her to put the Tracks into the mp3 shops. (Thinking she would split that money fair 50/50)
She is now selling it at mp3-shops like amazon. You now may think, that is good - but it is not:

Hanin Elias is telling me that I am not getting any share of the mp3 sales. After 8 years I still haven't received any royalty statements from CD sales. Every time I ask for them she gives me excuses for why she can't send them or reacts angry and tells me not to bother her. She claims not to have received any payment and lost money on this record.
If that's the case, why can't she show me those 'losses' in writing? After I had done the work, I became useless for her.

Update 2012:

She is also selling my work in a limited Edition Box, and I don't get a single cent for anything I have composed.
She let other people remix my work without informing me. I am not credited as the original composer.
Here is a small video I did about this limited edition box at youtube.
Here is the 2nd Video I did about this box and the result of my small vote: limited edition box

I am at the point now where I don't even care about the money anymore. But after all the work I have done and for all the music I have written on Future Noir, I think I deserve my true writingcredit.

Music: TweakerRay - Lyrics and Vocals: Hanin Elias

Without me she would not have a single sound on her album. I put so much energy and effort into the making of this album, but Hanin Elias always make it sound like she did it on her own which is simply not true.

Even the song of my band SPITE is not credited correctly.

Hanin Elias released the Album also in the US. I have not seen any royalty statements of that either.
On the US-Release there is not really credited, that I sang Backingvocals, played all instruments
(except Bertil Mark's drums and Thurston's guitartrack).
Instead there is the credit: Music by Hanin Elias / TweakerRay.
Here are some more instrumentals which I composed for 'Future Noir' :

After All (Instrumental).mp3

Burn (Instrumental).mp3

Iced Icon (Instrumental).mp3

Fight Together (Instrumental).mp3

Eaten Alive (Instrumental).mp3

The Rats (Instrumental).mp3

I tried to capture a little bit of the whole creating-process and made pictures in that time ... you find them at the bottom.
The pictures were taken in that time, where I thought I would be treated fair:
as the 'producer / composer' of this record. I was wrong...


Text Untouchable

Text Untouchable - making of: FUTURE NOIR - HANIN ELIAS
  Untouchable Text Closeup Untouchable Text Hanin @ first recording session 24.07.2003 Gotya !!! Hanin & Untouchable Text 25.07.2003 Hanin & Untouchable Text 25.07.2003 TweakerRay & Hanin 26.07.2003 Hanin / Textwriting 26.07.2003 Recording: War / Extreme V4 Hanin / Textwriting 24.07.2003 TweakerRay & Hanin / VS 1680 Mixingscreen War / Extreme V4 Lyrics Recording Untouchable 25.07.2003 Hanin & Mixingdesk 25.07.2003 Forum Message 23.08.2003 of H.E. Hanin & TweakerRay 25.07.2003 News 07/2003 on www.fatal-recordings.com War / Extreme V4 - Videoshooting 26.07.2003 Hanin Elias 26.07.2003 Back again: TweakerRay & Hanin 22.09.2003 Writing in the Fatal-Forum 25.09.2003 War Extreme V4 - Videoshooting - 24.09.2003 TweakerRay / Sky 25.09.2003 Hanin - Editing Burn Vocals 25.09.2003 04.10.2003 Maschinenfest / Aachen Soundcheck 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen TweakerRay - 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen Hanin 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen V.I.P. Pass - 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen Hanin & TweakerRay - 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen Hanin & TweakerRay - 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen Hanin & TweakerRay - 04.10.2003 - Maschinenfest / Aachen Halloween 31.10.2003 Hanin - 14.11.2003 - Hamburg Hanin - 14.11.2003 - Hamburg Pussycat Kill Kill Kill !!! - 14.11.2003 - Hamburg TweakerRay 27.11.2003 Hanin 19.09.2003 TweakerRay @ Airport Prague 28.11.2003 - Sushi Restaurant Hanin before show 28.11.2003 / Nova Gorica - Mostovna TweakerRay before show 28.11.2003 / Nova Gorica - Mostovna Poster / Pixxelpoint / 28.11.2003 / Nova Gorica - Mostovna TweakerRay before show 28.11.2003 / Nova Gorica - Mostovna Hanin before show 28.11.2003 / Nova Gorica - Mostovna Hanin & TweakerRay 28.11.2003 Backstage  Frontdoors - 29.11.03 Ljubljana - Orto Soundcheck / 29.11.03 Ljubljana - Orto Backstage / 29.11.03 Ljubljana - Orto From Slovenia back to Berlin 30.11.2003 On the Mixingdesk 02.01.2004 The Tracks... Recording Session 25.01.2004 Recording Session 25.01.2004 Mixing again... 31.01.2004 Videoshooting of War / Extreme V4 Videoshooting of War / Extreme V4 Videoshooting of War / Extreme V4 FUTURE NOIR - RELEASE 24.05.2004 Hanin Elias 29.05.2004 Kunst / Hadmar (Fatal Recordings) Guitar: Chris van Helsing Drums: Bertil Mark Soundcheck Releaseparty 29.05.2004 TweakerRay Releaseparty 29.05.2004 TweakerRay Releaseparty 29.05.2004 Hanin & TweakerRay Releaseparty 29.05.2004 Hanin & TweakerRay Releaseparty 29.05.2004 TweakerRay Releaseparty 29.05.2004