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Bandcamp Deluxe MP3 + CD [ here ]
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Here you can buy the music by TweakerRay in specific stores

You can buy the limited edition CD [ The Collector Chapter 02 ]
directly here at my page.
The Options are: [ Limited Edition CD ]
[ Deluxe MP3 Version ]

These include Bonus ReMixes + ReMixkits + Commentary Tracks.
If you prefer other stores click the pictures below.
Bandcamp is the best place to buy my music! Get all my music and
the [ Limited Edition CD ] as well as the [ MP3 Version ] of my Album THE COLLECTOR (CHAPTER 02)

See the complete [ Profile ] with all music.
You have also the option to pay as much as you want
for FREE Tracks to show your support for the artist.
At Itunes you will find all my main releases. Like the normal Version of THE COLLECTOR (Chapter 02)
(That means only the single tracks without any bonus stuff)

If you like to get more for your money buy it directly here as
[ Limited Edition CD ] or [ Deluxe MP3 Version ].
Same as Above. Amazon has the normal digitally releases of my music and the NORMAL VERSION of my Limited Edition Album.

So you better check out the [ Limited Edition CD ] or get the
[ Deluxe MP3 Version ].

Also the FREE TRACKS are only available at [ Bandcamp ]
Yes, TweakerRay is also now at [ Spotify ]... Tell your friends and please follow. You find mostly all music there but still [ Bandcamp ] will be quicker to get the new releases, because we can manage the uploads ourselve and are not depending on the workflowtime from Spotify.Still you can show your friends your good taste in music.
Spotify Releases also will vanish because we would have to pay again and again for having odler releases on it.
Spotify is the worst option here. It pays just $0.004891 per stream. If you want to support my work please use: [ Bandcamp ].
Thank you ! Spotify is a joke to me.

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