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The Collector EP 01:

(MP3 Version only 2.00$)
[ EP01 @ bandcamp.com ]

The Collector Chapter 02 - Limited Edition CD ( Limited to 500 / Handsigned )

The new album is available as limited edition CD. It can be ordered directly from the artist. Only 500 pieces are made.
You can buy it directly from this page (just scroll down) or go to the [ Bandcamp ] Profile.

And this is what you get for 12.99$ + 5$ shipping:

TweakerRay - The Collector Chapter 02 DELUXE CD
13 new Tracks with over 40 minutes of music feat. [ The B.S. of D. ] and also feat. [ Freshoil ] as 'Sgt. Q.'
a 12 Page Comic Noir Booklet with all lyrics and the fantastic artwork by [ Fotonixe ].
The CD has a CD-Rom part with over 50 minutes of Audiocommentary + extended PDF Booklet + instrumentals.
The CD-Rom part also includes the demoversions for a deep insight at the creation of the tracks from demo to final track.
You will also get access to Bonus ReMixes by [ MSound ], [ Binary Audio ], [ Paul Venkman ], [ Spektralisk ], [ Mavid ], [ Silicon Avatar ] and many more...
And with the [ ReMixkits ] you can even do your own remixes of the songs.

And to make this even a little bit more personal: All CDs can be handsigned by TweakerRay with your name.

HOW TO ORDER (directly from this page with paypal):

1) You will need a paypal account !!! Paypal is fast, safe and easy.
You might already have an account you use for ebay.
There is no other way we could handle it.

2) Simply click the 'Buy Now' button:
And you will order the Deluxe CD for 12.99$ + 5$ Shipping = 17.99$.
Don't forget to tell us your name and if you want to have your CD's signed.

Simply send us YOUR NAME via mail:

If you want your CD signed.

3) If you have trouble with ordering:

and we figure it out and will help you as soon as possible.

4) When we have your orderconfirm we will also send you a downloadlink to your email
so you can enjoy the digitally deluxe version while waiting for the CD.
(Please have a little patience, when you don't get an instant mail.

Thanks for supporting my music directly !!!

Some Voices about the album:

'A simple yet bombastic concept album that explores a wide range of electronic forms...' - [ ReGenMag.com ]
'This is a really impressive album...the bonus material alone is worth the price of the CD' - [ Pennyblackmusic.co.uk ]
'I have always loved epic music and TweakerRay’s Collector definitely falls under that designation...' - [ Matthew Kirshenblatt ]
'This album is a result of months of hard work ...and packed with outstanding material that I can highly recommend' - [ Binary Audio ]

The CD includedes a 12 Page Comic Noir Booklet with all lyrics and the fantastic artwork by [ Fotonixe ].

TweakerRay - The Collector Chapter 02 DELUXE CD

If you want to buy the MP3 Digital Deluxe Edition , please visit this page: [ DELUXE MP3 Version ]. )
The CD and Deluxe Version Mp3 Download can be also purchased at my profile at [ Bandcamp ]

VIDEO-Gallery: The Collector (Chapter 02)
(Infos about Remixkits, Bonusremixes on the Deluxeversion & Artwork)

The Collector Chapter 02 - Normal Edition (MP3 Release)

The Normal Edition (Just the 13 Tracks without bonus or pdf booklet) will be also available for download at:

[ Amazon ] and [ Itunes ] and also at [ Tunecore ]

TweakerRay's 3 Track EP: The Collector Chapter 01 is also available at [ Bandcamp.com ].

The [ Mp3 Version ] for $2.00

1. Intro + Digital Ghost (5:44)
2. You Have To Rock (4:00)
3. Gone Too Far (4:05) [FREE MP3]

The Intro made with vocals by Fans / Supporters:
making this release even more interactive.

For a little bonus send your orderconfirmmail to this emailadress:


to get access to a little bonus on top.

(exchange the (at) with an @ this is just to save me from spamm...)

(Artwork of The Collector: (Chapter 01) by: Vetter Itt.

Here is another Teaser of The Collector: (Chapter 01) :

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