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The Collector EP 01:

(MP3 Version only 2.00$)
[ EP01 @ bandcamp.com ]

The Collector Chapter 02 - Mp3 Deluxe Version

TweakerRay - The Collector Chapter 02 DELUXE CD
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The Collector (Chapter 02) the new album by TweakerRay
The Deluxe Mp3 Version can be ordered directly from the artist. Or buy it at one of these [ Stores ].

And this is what you get:

13 new Tracks with over 40 minutes of music feat. [ The B.S. of D. ] and also feat. [ Freshoil ] as 'Sgt. Q.'
a PDF booklet with artwork by Fotonixe,

Bonus MP3 part includes: Over 50 minutes of Audiocommentary,
Access to Bonus ReMixes + ReMixkits at this page.
Demoversions and instrumentals.

HOW TO ORDER (Directly from the Artist):

1) You will need a paypal account !!! Paypal is fast, safe and easy.
You might already have an account you use for ebay. There is no other way we could handle it.
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2) Simply click the 'Buy Now' button:

3) If you have trouble with ordering simply send a mail:

and we figure it out and will help you as soon as possible.

Thanks for supporting my music directly !!!

If you want to buy the limited CD Version, please click [ Here ].

The Collector Chapter 02 - Normal Edition (MP3 Release)

The Normal Edition (Just the 13 Tracks without bonus or pdf booklet) will be also available for download at [ Amazon ] and [ Itunes ].

TweakerRay's 3 Track EP: The Collector Chapter 01 is also available at [ Bandcamp.com ].

The [ 3 track EP ] for $2.00

1. Intro + Digital Ghost (5:44)
2. You Have To Rock (4:00)
3. Gone Too Far (4:05) [FREE MP3]

The Intro made with vocals by Fans / Supporters:
making this release even more interactive.

For a little bonus send your orderconfirmmail to this emailadress:

to get access to a little bonus on top.

(The emailadress is a gif...this is just to save me from spamm...)

(Artwork of The Collector: (Chapter 01) by: Vetter Itt.

Here is another Teaser of The Collector: (Chapter 01) :

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