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Equipment - TweakerRay Studio: (Click Pictures for more impressions)

Synths & Keys: M-Audio Axiom Pro 61, Yamaha PSR 4500,
Arturia Minibrute, Arturia Microbrute
Yamaha DX 7 II D, Casio VL-1 Tone
Korg Monotron Delay & Duo
Der OTO (Biscuit), Teenage Engeneering OP-1
Novation Mininova, Korg EMX
Korg MS-20 Midicontroller
Korg Volca Keys, Korg Volca Bass
Roland TR-8, DSI Prophet ´08, Midivampire I + II
Costum DIY Synths:

Bleep Labs: [ Pico Paso ] ,[ Nebulophone ] , [ Bleep Drum ]
Leaf Audio: Noise Foc, Noise Foc Deluxe, [ 8Step Sequencer ]
Get Lofi: [ 4093 Dronebox ], [ Atari Punk Console ]
Noisehero, 4093 + 555 Dronebox (DIY)
SuONOIO Synth, Arpie (DIY Midi Arpeggiator)
C-64 (Dual SID) with MSSIAH Cartridge

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(VST Plugins)
Cubase 6.5 + 7, Rebirth One, (Logic Audio Platinum),
Surcode DTS-DVD Professional,

Native Instruments: Kontakt 4,Battery 3
Absynth5, FM8, Massive, Pro53, Guitar Rig 4, Reaktor 5,
Korg Legacy Collection with MS-20 Midicontroller,
Addictive Drums, Silverbox TB 303, Spark EDM
Camelphat Alchemy, Trilian, Rapture, Bluetubes Bundle,
Fabfilter Value Bundle, Bias Master Perfection Suite,
SFXMachine Pro, T-Racks + CSR Mastering Bundle,
Extraboy, Backwardsmachine, Effectrix, Stutteredit,
Stylus RMX, Ohmforce Quad Frohmage, Melohman,
Sylenth1, DiscoDSP Discovery, SSL-4000 Collection,
SPL Vitalizer MK2-T, Izotope Ozone 5,
Yamaha Vintage Open Deck, Arturia V Collection
Sonalksis StudioOne Bundle and
a lot of freeware plugins...
  Recording / Mixing: Roland VS-1680 / Yamaha 01V96i
  Monitors: Neumann KH 120A
  Computer: Intel Core I7 CPU 920 / 2.66 Ghz / 16 GB RAM
DSP: UAD2 Octo Custom
  Microphone: C 2000 B - AKG
  Guitar + SFX: Overland
Zoom G2 SFX, Boss Metal Zone
Ebow *Plus*
Fuzz-O-Mat (Custom DIY Fuzz-Distortion)
Moog FreqBox, OTO Biscuit
Dwarfcraft TGD, Digitech Grunge
Behringer Vintage Delay
Sherman Filterbank2
  Mixing / Decoding: Stereo / Surround (DTS 5.1)
Further Infos:

I've started to make music in the early 90's. For the beginning there only was my Amiga 500. Soon I got my first Keyboard: Yamaha PSR 4500. After that, I bought the Harddisc-recording System: Roland VS-1680. Also needed was a guitar: Overland. Finally I got an PC (Pentium III / 500 mhz) to work first with Magix Music Maker 5 for the beginning.
But soon being limited by the possibility of that programm I changed to Cubasis. Later I used Logic audio Silver followed by Logic Audio Platinum 4.8 . After Logic Audio wasn't further supported on the PC I had to change to Cubase SX.
I use a C 2000 B from AKG and my old MusicPC was a Pentium IV PC (2.4 GHz / 2 GB RAM).
Today I use a Intel Core I7 CPU 920 / 2.66 Ghz / 3 GB RAM on XP. (And Win7 with 16 GB RAM)
Followed soon by Cubase 3,4 and now Cubase 6.5. and Version 7
I can produce Mixes also in [ Surround ]. To Encode this for CD/DVD i use Surcode DTS-DVD Professional.

TweakerRay Studio 2014

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