Interview with TweakerRay

How did you get in contact with the music of Hanin Elias?

I think my brother played her music to me. He listened to Atari Teenage Riot and Alec Empire quiet a long time and showed me a few pieces. First I couldn't get right into the music. But I liked one song at the first go: "Tie me to the wall" . I think I liked it because of the cool video, too.

How and where did you get in contact with Hanin ?

That was on 21st. of may in 2003 at Hanin`s cocert in Hamburg. We saw the concert and afterwards we had the chance to talk a little to her and Phillip. We already knew Phillip from a DJ Event.I gave him a cd with selected songs written by my bandproject SPITE. On this cd were some remixes I did, too. I hoped to get a feedback about my music. It was an ingenious evening and an unforgettable powerful concert!

Why did Hanin want to record any songs with you ?

Phillip liked the cd with the songs I've made and Hanin liked them, too. Phillip gave me Hanins email address to get in contact with her. She also wanted a cd with the songs. Then I read in the fatal recordings forum that someone wanted to make a remix of the Hanin`s songs and while I was already in contact with Hanin, I asked her , if I could do a remix, too. She asked me if I rather would like to do a complete song for her. I thought this would be an exciting idea and so I agreed immediately.

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