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The Collector Chapter 02 (13 Track CD)

Limited Deluxe CD 12.99$

Bonus ReMixes / ReMixkits: The Collector Chapter 01
(Original Version on The Collector: Chapter 01 by TweakerRay)

19.08.2012 The Collector [ Chapter 02 ] is out now !!!
And to celebrate this I've deceided to make this section FREE for all !!!
Originally ONLY the people who bought the deluxe version of [ Chapter 01 ] got this cool remixes...
I think now it's time that all people can enjoy this !!!

Enjoy the great work by the ReMixers. [ Click here to go to the ReMix-Section of 'You Have To Rock' & 'Gone Too Far' ]

You can also download [ Gone to far ] from The Collector (Chapter 01) for FREE.
(Simply rigt-click on the link or the Cover of 'Gone Too Far' and save the mp3 to your Harddrive.)

TweakerRay - Gone Too Far (From the EP 'The Collector Chapter 01'

21.09.2010: Message from TweakerRay:

Hi ! This is the Bonus-section for all the supporters, who bought the deluxe version. First of all:

A BIG THANK YOU for buying the Deluxe Version and showing me, that you like what I do.
A lot of work went into this first Chapter and I appreciate that you spend the 4.99$ for this and support me.
The Booklet had 2 Typos: here is the corrected PDF. (3.25 MB)

11.12.2010: - Small Gift for you, because you bought the Deluxeversion:

I uploaded a remixkit of the Song 'Gone Too Far' - These are the original files from the Logic Session. (165 MB)
So if you want to hear the single parts... go to the [ ReMix-section ] and download the ReMixkits.

UPDATE:27.07.2011: NEW REMIX by [ Spark Chamber ] feat. [ Binary Audio ] of GONE TOO FAR.

In the next weeks I will fill up this Place with some [ ReMixes ] of this song by some cool Artists.
(which kindly remixed this Track). If you are a visitor of [ fixtremix.com ] then you might know the one or other remixer.
Be sure to check this place from time to time... it will grow and evolve with more content...

[ Click here to go to the ReMix-Section of 'You Have To Rock' & 'Gone Too Far' ]

Cheers TweakerRay

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